Donation to Support Sustainable Farming

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Donation to Support Sustainable Farming

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Who We Are

Presque Isle Farm is a small family farm owned and operated by Molly and Dion Stepanski in northern Michigan. Deemed a Centennial Farm by the Michigan Historical Society, this homestead has been with the same family for over 100 years. 

In 2014, we began working to transform the land into a thriving market vegetable farm. Our mission is to grow nourishing food, a healthy community, a vibrant local economy, and a restorative environmental system.         

Your Generosity's Impact

Supporting us necessarily means supporting a local business, bringing true wealth to our regional economy, and helping our communities grow happier and healthier. Local and sustainable food helps combat a food system that floods our grocery stores and schools with nutrient-deficient food. Our agricultural practices act as a regenerative force against climate change and the extinction of bees and other invertebrate pollinators.

In a world where big agriculture and detrimental farming practices continue to destroy the health of our planet and its people, we know your generosity will help begin moving our communities in a different direction.