Because of your generosity, we raised close to $12,000, and will be able to complete:

-Two 30’ x 96’ high tunnel greenhouses AND
-Begin the establishment of permanent bee habitat AND
-Begin developing an environmental restoration cover crop and soil fertility system

Platinum Donors ($1,000 or more):
Tom and Debera Nixon
William and Connie Farris
Emily Carinci
Charlie Farris
Vann Barden

Gold Donors ($500 - $999):
Brian Douglas Crevier
Constance and Thomas Stafford
Aaron Quantz and Tracey Doyle

Silver Donors ($200 - $499):
Sarah Farris
Patricia Barnes
Chelsi and Jason McKnight
Betty Lynn Whitley

Donors ($5 - $199):
Tanja Bauer
Caroline Farris Quinn
Jane Sellers
Andrew Sweet
Linda Johnson
Robert and Nancy Farris
Kirstine and Mike Furtaw
Andrew Grohowski
Lorie Cadieux
Scott Rice and Steven Lane
Tommy Sutton
Tim Smith
Susan Weeks
Pamela Borchert
Jessica Kennedy
Shelly Boyd
Clint Myers
Roberta Moore
Ginny Asma
Sarah Kay
Lars Larson
Beth Lee Herbert
Jason Kesler
Caroline Snyder
Dianne Talley
Michelle Ruedin
Kim Kowalski
Jennifer LaMay
Jessie Rathburn
Giselle Rathburn
Quanta Holden
Daryl Dunigan
Benjamin Hardy
Elizabeth Jalazo
Randi Kosten
Bryant Macklin
Ryan Bisplinghoff
Jennifer Player
Suzette Brodie
Joshy Duby
Annie Spafford
Florence Stibitz
Dave Ghirardelli
Jeff McCabe
Sharon Walker
David Nesmith
Gary and Julie Robinette
Emily Skiba
Kelly Gervais
Steve Schaffer
Lynsie Stepanski
Michael Jolliffe
Amy Talley
Matthew Mischley
Bryan Thompson